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Whether you would like to go deeper into expanding your knowledge within your specialization, or you would like more interdisciplinary information - with STREAMED UP you can access quickly, easily and comprehensively, in over 50 specialties, the most current medical data and facts, presented innovatively by the top experts in their fields.
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Med LIVE – the STREAMED UP series focusing on your specialities

Enjoy live-moderated specialty discussions, get informed about current study results, follow realistic case reports and ask your questions directly to the experts in the studio.

Med LIVE offers weekly live and on demand value in over 50 specialties. The live episodes are additionally, in most circumstances, CME accredited.

Our series

expanda - Neu: Das flexible, rein digitale 2-Tages-Seminar zu Ihrem Fachgebiet

Die wichtigsten Daten und Publikationen der letzten 12 Monate - Neutral, vollständig, kompakt und CME-zertifiziert. Erleben Sie die Zukunft medizinischer Online-Fortbildung: Aus der Klink oder Ihrer Praxis, genauso wie von zuhause oder unterwegs. Das ist Fortbildung nach Ihren Bedürfnissen.

Unsere Seminare

doctupus Tutorials – Darstellung komplexer Lerninhalte im Kurzformat

STREAMED UP präsentiert ein weiteres innovatives Fortbildungsformat als Video-on-demand: Prägnante Tutorials erläutern Krankheitsbilder von der Pathophysiologie bis zur Therapie und erklären Wirkmechanismen von Medikamenten sowie die Funktionsweise und Anwendung medizintechnischer Geräte oder Devices. Im Bundle auch als CME-Fortbildung verfügbar.

Unsere Tutorials

CME-accredited content

By participating in accredited live online events you can very comfortably collect valuable CME credits. Just setup your EFN in your user profile and we will send the earned credits to your accrediting body for you! Additionally, on STREAMED UP you will find countless CME-accredited on demand videos with which you can collect credits 24/7. Just take a look!

certified content
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Know medicine...better.

STREAMED UP focuses on the continual broadening of medical knowledge, constantly going a step further and thereby consistently improving what and how we are doing. Make use of this advantage for your own medical expertise!

Medical education at the highest level

STREAMED UP offers first class, well-researched content presented by experts. All STREAMED UP formats are neutral, scientific, transparent and are kept current with great oversight by the scientific boards. This helps you to stay at the highest level within your specialization.

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